December 06, 2016

How much are your wigs?

We have Synthetic wigs, Human hair wigs and Blended wigs (mix of human hair and synthetic hair). Our prices range from $250 and up. 

Are they hot to wear?  It depends on the type of hair and design of the wig cap.  Human hair is more breathable than synthetic fiber.  It also depends on whether the cap is machine made or hand-tied on monofilament.

Are the wigs one size?  Wigs have various sizes and can sometimes be adjusted. 

Can they be styled?  Human hair wigs can be styled with heat.  Synthetic hair cannot be styled.

How long do they last?  If worn daily, synthetic wigs last approximately 6 to 8 months.  Human hair wigs can last 2 to 3 years.  This is only if the wigs are well cared for and not slept in.

How often do I have to wash the wig?  Wigs should be washed every 7 to 10 wears. 

Can I swim or sleep with my wig on?  We do not recommend either, but if you must, human hair wigs are more durable.  However, this will reduce the lifespan of your wig considerably.

Do they look natural?  Our job is to find the most natural and comfortable wig for our clients. Our wigs can look very natural.

Do you have anything else besides a full wig for thinning hair?  Yes, we have partial hair pieces that blends in with the rest of your hair.  These are usually lighter in weight and very natural looking.

Do I need to make an appointment?  Yes, we recommend an appointment.  Please mention a private room when booking, if you would like one. 

We are always happy to answer any further questions.  You can direct them to our email at info@evaandcowigs.com

Thank you!




Black Friday Sale

November 17, 2016

Please join us for our annual Black Friday Sale!  It's Eva & Co Wigs' biggest sale of the year.  Friday, November 25th and Saturday, November 26th.


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