Men's Mono Top with Lace front System

Regular price $1,199.00


Lace front welded mono lace base with thin skin perimeter

This lace front system is stretchable and can be reformed onto the scalp, leaves no bumps or ridges.

The removable lace front with poly adds a level of convenience for perimeter bonding.

Available in two densities: light/medium 

Human hair (grey is synthetic)


1⁄2” x 9 1⁄2”

Can be trimmed down to 5 1⁄2”x 1⁄2”

Base material: fine mono with lace front
1” lace front with poly edge
1⁄2” thin skin on each side, 2 1⁄2” thin skin at back


Human hair, 5”-6” long

Density:Light/Medium Plus

Colour shown: 1B (Soft black)



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